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As well as a Realtor, I'm an opera singer, actor and teacher. I've been performing with the Lyric Opera of Kansas City for three seasons. I live with my wife, Sara, and my dog, Boone.

Alex Goering, Opera Singer
Jan 26, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
Feb 02, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
Feb 09, 2018


Feb 16, 2018
Feb 19, 2018
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Vocational Visit- Truman Library, Feb. 19, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Feb 23, 2018
Larry Campbell, Author & Adventurer
Mar 02, 2018

As a financial representative, Brian O’Laughlin, founder of Funeral Advocates, has helped hundreds of people with their financial security during life but when his father died in 1999, he realized planning extended beyond.

Brian O'Laughlin, President, Funeral Advocates
Mar 09, 2018


Growing up in a small Illinois town, Louise (Lou) Graul Eisenbrandt decided to join the Army in order to “see the world.” After graduating as a Registered Nurse in June 1968, she attended basic training, then headed to Ft. Dix New Jersey, her first duty assignment.

In September 1969, she received orders for Vietnam, arriving there on November 1. During her year at the 91st Evac Hospital, she cared for GIs, South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians, and even Viet Cong and NVA soldiers. From malaria and hepatitis to double amputees, massive head traumas, and deadly bullet wounds; Lt. Graul saw it all.

Since 1970, she has made four return trips to Vietnam, the latest in September 2014, when she joined 11 other vets making their first return trip to the country. 

For the past 30 years, the author has been sharing her experiences with students and community groups. In addition, she is Chairman Emeritis of the board of Turning Point in Leawood, KS. Her other interests are travel, photography, golf, gardening, and finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Lou lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband, Jim. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.

To read her book, visit here.

Lou Eisenbrandt, Author, Nurse
Mar 16, 2018

Travis Perret’s passion is helping people get back to doing what they love to do without the limitations of chronic pain. This passion was developed early in his career when visiting his parents for the holidays. He noticed, due to pain, his dad was having difficulty getting up from a chair and then wincing with every step. When asked what was wrong his dad informed him that the doctors were recommending a spinal fusion. His dad was diagnosed with a Spondylolisthesis, a condition in which the vertebra in the low back slides forward over the vertebra below and puts pressure on the nerves causing low back pain and weakness in the legs. The pain was so bad his dad was unable to enjoy the Christmas holidays. Seeing his dad in that much pain was difficult for Travis to witness.

After doing a quick assessment, Travis was able to determine that the cause of the pain wasn’t a vertebra issue but an issue with the function on his dad’s hips. He gave him some corrective exercises for his hips. A week later his dad reported feeling slightly better. Travis then made some adjustments to the exercises and positions. A month later the pain his dad was experiencing during the holidays had decreased by 90% and he was feeling better than he had in months. To this day, 20 years later, his dad still does his exercises and has never had another issue with his back.

Travis graduated from the University of Kansas and received his degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy. He was a decathlete on the University of Kansas track and field team. After graduating, he was hired by The Egoscue Method and worked for Pete Egoscue for seven years. He then returned to the Midwest to open Exercise Therapy of Kansas City. He is a speaker, author, and has owned and operated Exercise Therapy of Kansas City in Overland Park, KS for 13 years. He has two little girls, Sierra and Stella, and when he is not in the clinic you will find him on the playground with his daughters. 

To read Travis' book, visit here.

Travis Parret, Author, Fitness Instructor
Mar 23, 2018

David J. Ekerdt is Professor of Sociology and Gerontology at the University of Kansas. From 1988-1997 he was Associate Director of the Center on Aging and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He directed the KU Gerontology Center from 2003-2016. He teaches the sociology of aging and research methods, and he has supervised graduate students on both campuses.


David Ekerdt, KU Ph.D. Gerontology
Mar 30, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
Apr 06, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
Apr 13, 2018

About Melissa Robinson

Elected in April 2014, Board of Education chair Melissa Robinson is representing Sub-district 4. Robinson has received an Associate of Arts degree from Kansas City Kansas Community College, a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Masters of Business Administration from Webster University. As the current President of the Black Health Care Coalition, Robinson is dedicated to her community and the constituents of the Kansas City Public Schools. Living by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-- that is the goal of true education," she is a steadfast leader and advocate for education and the advancement of our students.

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Melissa Robinson, KCMO Public Schools School Board
Apr 20, 2018


UMKC Enactus
Apr 27, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
May 04, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
May 11, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
May 18, 2018
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May 25, 2018
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Jun 01, 2018
Morning Meeting- Speaker TBD
Jun 08, 2018
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Jun 15, 2018
Non-Profit Day
Jun 22, 2018
Jun 29, 2018