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Posted on Aug 17, 2017
On July 28, Blaise Dauzvardis and Brooke Berkbuegler told of their adventures at MO RYLA 2017 - Session 1.
Here are some of the things RYLArians shared following their time at MO RYLA this year:
  • I learned a lot about current and future opportunities that are available…to help further my love and passion for volunteering.
  • I’m very excited to use my new knowledge to change the world for the better.
  • The experience that I have had at the 2017 RYLA Academy has been the greatest experience of my life.
  • One thing about RYLA that was impactful for me was how a group of strangers came together and created a (project) to change the world.
  • I never realized just how big I can dream and still make it come true.
  • RYLA…has broke my shy shell…and taught me how much communication, teamwork, and never giving up actually mean. (Many commented on how much RYLA helped overcome shyness.)
  • You have truly inspired me to work even harder to improve people’s lives, much like you (Rotarians) already have.
  • Going into RYLA, I wasn’t even sure what a Rotary club was.  Within the first hour, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be….Rotary is 100% an organization I stand for now.
As Suzanne, one of our organizers, shared with us, "In reading over the letters this year’s crop of RYLArians wrote to their clubs, I found some absolutely wonderful comments that shouted to be shared.  The following excerpts speak to the strength of our program, as well as to the idealism of youth. It takes so many of us to make this experience possible, but it definitely is worth every minute we spend."  Indeed!
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Posted on Aug 17, 2017
It's time to get your team together for our next KC GAMES FOR GOOD! The games are even "funner," and we're anticipating a great turnout. Consider sponsoring a team to play, even if you're not a gamer. Mark your calendars for October 7, 2017, from Noon to 5 PM. Volunteers will be needed the night before, and Saturday morning, for event set up.
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Posted on Aug 03, 2017
Have you ever heard a Rotarian speak about their personal experience participating in a polio eradication exercise, a cleft lip/cleft palate mission, or work on a humanitarian grant?  These trips have a profound effect upon the individual.  For those of you who have gone on one of these trips you know, and for those of you who have yet to enjoy this experience, you should.
In October 2017, North American Rotarians will travel to Accra, Ghana for a life changing experience.  
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Posted on Jul 27, 2017
Have a broken or outdated Club Badge?  Just want to replace your clip back with a magnet back one?  We will place a bulk order (gets us a $2 discount) after the Friday August 18 meetingPlease see us at the Sergeants at Arms table or contact Scott Weaver to place your order.
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Have an Experience or Hobby you'd like to share with the Club? "Know Your Rotarian" is a terrific 3-Minute meeting feature. We have meetings that need an alternate 3-minute interesting presentation, and have started a roster. You'll be contacted at least a week in advance of the meeting at which you'll present. Please see Scott Weaver at the Sergeants at Arms table to add your name.
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Posted by Paul Temme on Jul 20, 2017
$5,000 District Grant application with a focus on Maternal and Child Health was submitted on July 14th. 
The Plaza Rotary Club, in coordination with the beneficiary Hope House, will purchase and install four sets of clothes washers and dryers in the existing residential shelter in Independence, Missouri. Plaza Rotarians will repaint the entire laundry facility and install needed and appropriate shelving.  The washers and dryers purchased in this project will replace older, worn-out equipment that requires frequent and costly repairs.  The objective is to provide necessary and dependable laundry equipment and facilities for residents (women and children) who cannot afford to use off-campus laundry facilities, often do not have adequate transportation to access off-campus laundries, and, more importantly, whose safety may be imperiled if they are seen in the community by their spouses or partners or their friends and associates.  If the grant is approved, the Club is committed to completing the project by March 1, 2018.
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Posted on Jul 20, 2017
When was the last time you updated your ClubRunner profile? Make time to update your phone, address, photo, work info, email address, and anything else that you might need. Thanks!
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Posted on Jul 13, 2017
"Read This... " Guided Journals, presented by Annie Presley & Christy Howard.
We have a great line up of speakers through December-- check them out here!
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Posted on Jul 13, 2017
Gordon Parks Elementary School is seeking donations for their 2017 School Supplies Drive. 100% of the GP students qualify for free/reduced lunch program through the federal government, so supplies can fall to the wayside.  Supplies or financial donations are welcome. Contributions received by August 1 will help help the children start their new school year off right. Please go to this website for more details:
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Posted on Jul 06, 2017
Please join us for our first meeting of the new Rotary year and the first official meeting as president for President Jeff Chapman.
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Posted on Jun 30, 2017
From Drue Thomas
  • Games for Good – Raised $29k that allowed us to distribute $11k each to Hope House and Urban Rangers and contribute $7k to the Plaza Rotary Foundation.  Terry Berkbuegler and Bob Merigan led a Committee including Rich Linden, Eric Wymore, Beth Bahner, Paul Temme, Bill Moran, Cassy Venters, and Frank Bales.  They were supported by many, many other club members in planning and on the day of the event.
  • The Club was awarded a $2,400 District Grant, matched by our fundraising, for the renovation of a storage room to a classroom at Urban Rangers.  Club members participated in the planning and renovation.  Special thanks to Kile Morrison, Bo Steed, Jason Parsons and Will Hodgkinson for their efforts working with Erik on the design and construction.
  • Bill Schmidt, Frances Reddis, Randy Steinman, Jim Lloyd and Mike Theobald led the Club Shoes efforts resulting in 1,348 shoes being donated to the Shoes for Orphans Souls.
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Posted on Jun 30, 2017
Shoes Enthusiasts across North Missouri –
Good morning. 
Each year, particularly during our Shoes Caravan and Shoes Roll Call, I am humbled that a number of Rotarians in our clubs indicate to me they are interested in taking a Shoes Delivery Trip.  Over the years, we have coordinated a few of these trips with Buckner, to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.
In response to your requests, I have discussed a fall 2017 trip with Buckner, to Guatemala.  Our options for that time frame are:
Sept 17-23, 2017
Sept 24-30, 2017
Oct 1-7, 2017

With the caveat that they are definitely adjustable - any of these could be Saturday to Saturday or Saturday to Sunday, etc.
I know one Rotary year is coming to an end, and a new Rotary year is about to begin.  Please make your club members aware of these opportunities, and I will hope to hear from you by June 30 with the names of any Rotarians who are interested in more information. Email
Thank you for your assistance.
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Posted on Jun 30, 2017
The Plaza Rotary Club Board is pleased to announce that we have approved the membership application of Kathy Woods.  She is a lawyer and partner at Shaffer Lombardo Shurin.  If anyone has any comments or concerns they should contact Drue Thomas at  Assuming there are no concerns she will be inducted in the weeks ahead.
W. Drue Thomas, Jr.
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Posted on Jun 15, 2017

At the Rotary International Convention, global leaders and key donors affirm their commitment to ending polio


With polio on the brink of eradication, nations from around the world and key donors pledged more than $1 billion on Monday to energize the global fight to end the paralyzing disease.

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Bill Gates, co-chair of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and RI President John Germ share the recent news about their partnership in the fight to eradicate polio.


The historic pledges of new funds at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, will go toward drastically shrinking the $1.5 billion gap in the funding that the partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative say is needed to reduce polio cases to zero worldwide. Just five cases have been reported this year, the lowest number in history.  

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Posted on Apr 20, 2017
From Randy Steinman
For 4 years I have been working in the Dominican Republic to start a Rotary-funded Microcredit project, designed to provide women heads of households living in poverty the needed funds to start their own businesses in the hopes they can use the profits to lift their families out of poverty. Today, the women in the photo graduated from a financial education programs as part of their loan application process.
Congratulations to them all.
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Posted on Apr 20, 2017
Our shoe tying/packing party will be next Saturday, April 22nd, at 2:00 pm at 1219 SW Wintergreen Lane, Blue Springs, Mo 64015. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please RSVP to Frances Reddis if you plan to help out.
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Plaza Rotary Club worked hard to sell newspapers at the corner of 95th & Wornall last Monday, April 10th, to support Rotary Youth Camp.
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Posted on Apr 06, 2017
If you have news or updates for the Plaza Rotary Club website, newsletter, or Facebook page, or would like to share photos of club events, please send an email to Don't worry, you can add photos and info to our Facebook page any time!
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Posted on Feb 16, 2017
From the Urban Ranger Corps:
BIG thanks to the Rotary Club of Kansas City Plaza for their generous donation. URC is proud to be a recipient of proceeds from the Club’s Games For Good. URC Board Member, Joe Sweeny, accepts a check for $10,876 from Drue Thomas, President of the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club. What a great way to show our young men that others are helping us bring “hope” in their brighter futures.
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Posted on Feb 07, 2017
Plaza Rotary Club was recognized and received the 2017 Visionary of the Year Award for it's commitment and contributions to Hope House on Thursday, February 16th. President Drue Thomas took time for this photo with his mother, Mary Jean Thomas, at today's Hope House Everyday Hero lunch. The Kansas City Plaza Rotary club was recognized with the Hope House Visionary of the Year award for our financial support and projects over more than 10 years. Lots of good reasons for all of us to smile! 
--Elizabeth Usovicz
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Posted on Nov 09, 2016
2016-17 Club Champion- Plaza Rotary
Drue Thomas is pleased to announce that Terry Berkbuegler was chosen as the 2016-17 Club Champion for the Plaza Rotary Club, which was announced at the District Conference Lunch last Saturday. 
“Terry exemplifies what it means to be a Rotarian, putting service before self.  His passion has helped build our primary fundraiser, the KC Games for Good, from the ground up over the past three years.  In addition, he has served as a RYLA counselor for years and is currently on their Board.  We are lucky to have Terry’s passion and sense of humor in the Plaza Rotary Club.”
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Exhibitors, Players, and Visitors all agree-- this year's KC Games for Good was a blast!
After a year of planning, the KC Games For Good Committee's efforts pay off big. Twelve teams competed fiercely in Bubble Soccer, Nerf Archery, Giant Jenga, Harvester's Feed a Hungry Soul, Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby, Water Relay, and Heart to Heart International Palette stacking.
"I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing HappyBottoms to have a booth at the KC Games for Good event this weekend; it was such a well-run and nice event! We really appreciated the opportunity to spread the word about HappyBottoms and how we are helping babies in the community." --Jackie W., Engagement Manager for Diaper Bank
"I hope this Monday afternoon finds you and everyone with the Plaza Rotary Club recovered and well rested from Saturday’s PHENOMENAL event!  I want to thank you and the Plaza Rotary Club for allowing Gordon Parks Elementary School to be a part of such a fun event.  The entire day was so well organized and everyone was so friendly – we had a blast!"  --Tom L., Chief Development Officer, Gordon Parks School
"It was great meeting you Saturday, and thank you so much for the invitation. Please let me know about this as early as possible next year.  I’ll see if we can enter a Girl Scout staff team, or team of troop leaders." --Joey W., Director- Eastern Region, Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri
Check us out and JOIN US NEXT YEAR at KC Games for Good
and LIKE us on Facebook.
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