Feb 08, 2019
Elizabeth Usovicz and Bill Schmidt
Malawi Children's Village Update

Our Plaza Rotary Club has initiated a number of projects for Malawi Children's Village (MCV) in Malawi, Central Africa, by providing seed money that prompted significant funding from District 6040.  Projects included a needs assessment that was followed by funding for latrines at 8 different primary schools, an educational program for select teachers which introduced new methods and is being spread to their peers, introduction of solar panels which provide sites where children can study at night, and funding to provide tools and machinery for MCV's vocational program.  The goal now is to provide treadle pumps that will enhance farmers to dramatically increase their yields.

From Bill Schmidt: My connection to Malawi is that I spent two years there in the Peace Corps working to prevent malnutrition.  I have maintained a close relationship with a family in Malawi over the last 50 years, visiting them and hosting two young men who were  babies when I was there.  It gave me direction for a career in public health; I have served as a local Public Health Director, and worked for two state health departments.  I also was involved in clinical medicine as a Physician Assistant in the health depts and with Gastroenterology physicians.