Jesse James in Kansas City
Mar 03, 2017
Morning Meeting-Christie Kennard
Jesse James in Kansas City

Jessie James was born just north of Kansas City, in Kearney, Mo., the son of a Baptist preacher who helped found William Jewell College. While people know about many of his exploits – from his early days as a bushwhacker to the numerous train and bank robberies – they often aren’t as familiar with his personal life. Our speaker today introduces us to the family man who lived under the alias J. T. Jackson with his wife and children, first on Tracy and then on Woodlawn, during their years in Kansas City.

Christie Kennard has spent more than 15 years as a legal assistant, and more recently as a paralegal, with extensive background in litigation practice. She now works at KCP&L supporting the Community Relations and Energy Solutions departments.

Christie has degrees from K.U. in English and Art History.  She joined the board of the Friends of the James Farm in 2001 and became interested in local history surrounding the Civil War in Kansas and Missouri.

She is currently working on a play for the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival, “Mrs. Woodson and Mrs. Howard,” concerning the period of time during which Anna and Zee James lived incognito in Nashville, TN.