Trades Co-Work Space*
Mar 24, 2023
Will Hayes
Trades Co-Work Space*

William Hayes is the founder of Trades CoWork Space and ReuseHomes LLC, a new thinking development company that is creating safe, stable, and affordable housing in areas of disinvestment.
Prior to founding ReuseHomes, William spent 3 ½ years helping to develop the largest Historic Re-Development project in the State of Missouri. East 9 at Pickwick Plaza is a $65 million dollar rehab of an entire city block located in downtown Kansas City and consists of 260 market rate apartments, a 293 car garage and approximately 40,000+ square feet of commercial property. William served as Director of Governmental Relations and ran the Commercial Real Estate division for the project. He was routinely involved in what was the equivalent of daily “value engineering” exercises on how to stay within budget and on deadline with 120+ contractors on the job, as well as attended weekly OAC (owner – architect – contractor) meetings. Pickwick, now fully operational and successful, and has since won many awards.
The last ten years have been the core building blocks by developing the skills necessary to successfully build ReuseHomes. The skills learned and earned through marketing and design allow for a keen eye in brand quality, and a high level of marketing and social media knowledge. His work in the development world has imbedded deep knowledge regarding best construction practices, architectural requirements, and managing large crews while juggling multiple time sensitive projects on a daily basis. His time spent within City Hall and at the State Capital has given him extensive knowledge of the political games and traps that are so easy to fall victim to.

Real Estate, Politics, Marketing; these are the three pillars upon which the future will be built. No matter how grand the idea or design, only the most solid foundation will determine not only how high one can go, but how long it will last. The Core principles; Environment – Community – Done Right.