Hello Plaza Rotarians!
The COVID-19 / Coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives in real time, and this puts Rotarians in an unfamiliar place. We are most comfortable when we are fully engaged in our clubs, communities and many of us our offices – connecting with people.  Thankfully, we have more access to technology than we would have if faced with the same situation even a decade ago.  Across the globe, we are adept at using virtual tools to share information digitally and engage virtually, but also recognize

that’s not completely comfortable for everyone.

The Board has connected and while many of us may not be personally alarmed, we can see our communities moving to operate in a new normal (from home) for a while, and it is time for us to settle in as well.  Thus, we have decided to cancel the regular Club Meeting for the next two weeks.  During this time, the Board will be reaching out to Club Members and discuss our path forward during these uncertain times. 

With a goal of staying connected to Rotary and specifically to one another in the Plaza Rotary, ideally, we will resume a ‘virtual’ meeting of sorts using a video conferencing site, Facebook Live or something similar on April 3rd.  We’ll also be sending out information about additional ways to stay connected with Rotary and Rotarians through this period.

We are looking forward to these calls – to learn how you are, and about the health and well-being of your family, and just to catch up.  Our club is endlessly admired for how close we are to one another and we can do that via phone or social media for a while.  Proactively reach out to one another as well – see how folks are getting along.  Grab a cup of coffee and chat via phone or Face Time.  Rotarians are social beings, we need to get our fill of people somehow 😊

 We’ll continue to update our club website, so please keep your smartphone handy (https://kcplazarotary.org/).  Also, District 6040 (https://rotary6040.org/Page/covid-19-status-update) and Rotary International (https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-monitors-coronavirus-outbreak) continue to inform us in real time of their outlook and event updates, so please visit their website for up-to-date information and communication.

Cheers – let’s make it a great week and I look forward to “seeing” everyone soon!

--Erik Dickinson, Club President