Posted by Salem Habte on Dec 19, 2018
We at UMKC Enactus - Rotaract will be at the Rotary Meeting on Friday, December 21st to talk further about Educate to Elevate, and we’d deeply appreciate your help in reaching our goal!
We at UMKC Enactus - Rotaract believe in creating positive change through entrepreneurial action. We know that all children deserve access to a quality education, one that is not disrupted by a lack of necessities. So, we have been working tirelessly on a mission to provide a safe environment for the children of Ogwuokwu, Nigeria to learn in.

We have financed, designed and implemented a sustainable well and sanitary facilities in 2017-2018 and have provided clean water and sanitation for 400+ students and teachers at the Ogwuokwu Community School. Now, we plan to repair their main educational building so that they have a shelter to grow and learn.

Partnering with Revocup Coffee Co., a local coffee shop in Kansas City, is a continuation of these efforts. Revocup hosts some of the best quality coffee in KC. Their beans are sourced directly from Ethiopian farmers, enabling the farmers to keep the profits they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Buy a 12oz bag of medium-roasted Revocup™ Coffee to support the Ogwuokwu Community School.
• Each bag is $20 USD with 50% of proceeds going directly to the construction of the school building.
• Whole Bean or Ground