Posted on Mar 29, 2018
UMKC Enactus National Competition
Date of Nationals: May 21st-22nd
Location of Nationals: Kansas City Convention Center
Attire for Nationals: Business Professional
Registrations for Nationals: Contact Megan Darnell at
National Tips and Tricks: There are multiple rounds of competition and several events that will be held throughout the day. Please keep in close contact with Megan during Nationals as the UMKC Enactus team won't know when and where they are presenting until a few hours before. Additionally, during presentations the doors will lock 5 minutes before start time; please ensure that you are 15 minutes early to any presentation to guarantee a seat in the room. Megan will send out additional information about the event as the date gets closer.
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Megan Darnell 
Student Ambassador | Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
President | UMKC Enactus
Henry W. Bloch School of Management | UMKC