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Dr. Jason Glenn leads this discussion on Zoom video. (free)

Dr. Glenn is an excellent speaker (trying to get him to come speak to us)! This is part 2 of a 6 part series sponsored by KU's office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. 

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The root cause of health inequity in the United States is structural racism. Stark inequities in morbidity and mortality among minoritized populations have persisted for generations. This series will contextualize the historical and systemic nature of racism in America and how systemic racism impacts our health. As a concept that first emerged with European colonial expansion in the 16th century, race is woven into the very fabric of American consciousness. It is insufficient and harmful to view racism as an isolated event; doing so invalidates the experiences of those afflicted by racism while perpetuating the structures and systems that uphold racism.

For this reason, we are reimagining our conversations on racism and embarking on a journey—beginning with the moment of our country’s inception, through Transatlantic trade and slavery, highlighting the structural forces of racism—including the intersection among various demarginalized groups—the genocide of Native Americans; events leading up to the Civil war and reconstruction; the grotesque period of Jim Crow; Civil Rights and Black resilience; events of medical mistreatment; the War on Drugs and the current state of the country.

Through this six-part educational series, we will deconstruct and de-naturalize the idea of race for an increased understanding of the systemic nature of racism and how it impacts health.