Posted on Dec 20, 2017

Earlier this year, Ben White from Onward spoke to our club. If you have any connections that could benefit from the services Onward provides, please reach out to Ben. 

Onward Financial is a Kansas City-based nonprofit offering a Financial Wellness benefit to companies employing low- to moderate-income workers. We partner with local companies to service their employees' short-term financial needs, creating a culture of financial responsibility and wellness. Our seamless platform connects employees to savings, financial education, and an innovative credit product designed to help users overcome financial emergencies and avoid costly payday loans.

Onward seeks opportunities to provide our services to local companies, and hopes to connect through Rotary to potentially interested parties. If you have any ideas or connections, please reach out to Ben White at or 816-868-2193.

What is Onward?

Onward is a not-for-profit employer benefit program that promotes saving, responsible borrowing, and financial education. Unlike most savings plans or financial education programs, Onward is tailored to helping employees reach their immediate goals. If an emergency does occur, instead of seeing their savings washed away or borrowing from a payday lender, eligible employees can access a low interest loan based on their savings history with Onward.