May 17, 2024
Kate Marshall
Plaza Area Council

Founder & President, Plaza Area Council

The Plaza Area Council has come to life as a passion project for Kate who fell in love with the Plaza from her first sighting, when moving from Monte Carlo, Monaco. As a connector and community advocate, through many conversations with stakeholders, Kate saw the Council emerge organically to fill a void.

Kate brings a background of experience in Kansas City philanthropy: as the first director of the Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Foundation, a founding board member of the Women’s Foundation (United WE), program director for the Central Exchange, and executive director of the St Joseph Hospital Foundation.

She currently serves as South Plaza Neighborhood Association president, is a board member of KC Downtowners, and board member of the Brearley School in New York City, her hometown. Kate’s appreciation for this world class city is boundless.


Plaza Area Council

The Plaza Area Council represents the needs and concerns of residents, nearby neighborhoods, tenants, merchants, business owners, organizations, and visitors. They rely on the Plaza as a nexus of beauty, shopping, tourism, leisure, dining, history, exercise, and romance.

Our goal is to be the center point for Plaza Area-related planning and development projects, community issues, and placemaking activities.

As a collaborative organization, we strive to include a broad group of stakeholders and find common ground through active dialogue. We seek to understand varying perspectives and achieve a common vision for the future of the Plaza Area.