Oct 06, 2023
Damon Daniel
Executive Director, Adhoc Group Against Crime

Damon Daniel is the President and CEO of AdHoc Group Against Crime, an organization that for some serves as the trusted bridge between the community and criminal justice system and for others the emergency room for social services. He answered the call to come to AdHoc in 2015.

Mr. Daniel is a native of Kansas City, with a wide range of experience within the field of social justice that spans 25 years. He holds a degree in Urban Affairs from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Under Damon’s leadership at the AdHoc Group Against Crime, thousands of families in the Kansas City Metropolitan area impacted by violence have received much needed mental health and victim services. In 2018, Damon developed a Civil Rights Monitoring program to ensure pedestrians are being treated fairly and equally in the Westport Entertainment District.

He loves serving his community. Mr. Daniel’s has served on the 16th Circuit Judicial Commission. This commission helps fill judicial vacancies. He was also appointed to the Jackson County nominating committee for the Ethics, Human Relations, and Citizens Complaints Commission. And recently Damon has been appointed to the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Safety and Justice Committee, and the Kansas Governors Grants Program Advisory Board.

Damon can also be heard every weeknight on Carter Broadcast station KPRS Hot 103 Jamz, bi- weekly on Gospel 1590 AM and 106.1FM where he makes public announcements about various public safety and social issues.

Delivering Healing and Justice.  Kansas City is experiencing its most violent year on record. Victims trust AdHoc Group Against Crime to provide compassion, to help them deal with the crises precipitated by the violent crime, to help them navigate the criminal justice system, and to walk with them and help them begin to heal.

Attendees will learn about the comprehensive services AdHoc Group Against Crime provides, and what is needed to further our work and how as community members they too can help deliver much needed healing and justice.