Posted by Cassy Venters on Sep 21, 2017

Rotarians are invited to be a part of the district Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Chile in 2017-18.  Rotarians have all air flights, food and lodging expenses paid and will be traveling from April 7, - April 27, 2018. The study exchange focuses on developing humanitarian service projects as well as vocational and cultural experiences. 
The team will include three team members and one team leader.  Non-Rotarians are also invited to apply, applications are on the Download Files on our website, or youc can click here for Team Member & Team Leader applications.  There are no age restrictions.  All participants will be asked to continue their contributions to  Group Study Exchange in the future by hosting future exchange participants and participating in humanitarian service projects that are developed from the exchange.  The team member and team leader positions are all open.
KC Plaza Rotary has many individuals that have participated in Group Study Exchange prior to the develop of the New Grants Model in 2013-14.  Exchanges under the new grants model operate somewhat differently, but participants often say the experiences they encountered were life-changing.  Talk to any of these past GSE participants - Karyn Eppler (India), Jeff Deatherage (Brazil), Randy Steinman (Philippines), Jerry Venters (Australia), Mike Theobald (Philippines), Cassy Venters (France).  Randy, Jeff and Mike participated before they became Rotarians.