Plaza Rotary's Valentine to Kansas City - Lock It For Love!
The Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club raised $1050 for Grandparents for Gun Safety to acquire 150 gun locks, which will be distributed free by Swope Health. Grandparents for Gun Safety will also offer gun locks at the March 2 Family Essentials Giveaway at Swope Health.  
From left, Nancy Shawver with the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club, Laurie Cox, Director of Crisis Services for Swope Health, with Judy Sherry, Maribeth Brennaman, and Barbara McNeile, members of the board of directors of Grandparents for Gun Safety. The gun locks were provided to Swope Health by Grandparents for Gun Safety, purchased with a donation from the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club.
A sample of the free gun locks donated to Swope Health, through a joint initiative of the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club and Grandparents for Gun Safety.  
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