Contact: Bo Steed
Kansas City Plaza
United States of America

Bo Steed, writes and invites: "Walk-About" at the Steed Farm, April 27th.  Arrive anytime from 10:00 that morning, or later, and stay as long as you want.  Please bring what you might have for eats and drinks, picnic style or other.  The house has a full kitchen if needed.  We can roast hot dogs as well.  The address is  15230 Titan Ave  Winston MO.  Titan is a gravel road and there is a big cedar tree at the driveway entrance on the south side of Titan.  It's about 75 minutes from the Plaza, up I-35 to exit 61.  There are wide trails to walk and fields to explore.  Dress for the woods.  There are ticks as well as lions, tigers and bears.  Wild asparagus and morels to hunt, even kites to fly, it's most often windy.  Fireworks are legal.  Please let me know who and how many might attend.   816-365-9649