Carbon Positive KC
Sep 29, 2023
Brian Weinberg
Carbon Positive KC

Carbon Positive KC is an initiative that encourages awareness and action to address climate change. The program offers a way for you to offset your personal carbon footprint by investing in verified national and international projects, with a portion of the investment contributing to local projects and local green education. 

How it works: you complete an assessment to determine your household’s carbon footprint (based on your travel, energy costs, gasoline usage, etc.). Commit to a monthly fee schedule, with the investment offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions. You already pay to have your trash picked up, why not pay to clean up your carbon trash? And if you can be carbon neutral (net zero emissions) why not become carbon positive (removing more CO2 than you produce)?

Brian is a business strategist and leader of The Foundation for Regeneration, focused on economic development, ecological health, and community empowerment. Brian has a 15-year history working in the philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. He describes himself as a global citizen focused on tikkun olam "repairing the world."