Posted by Randy Steinman on Sep 06, 2018
Challenge Accepted.
To all District 6040 Rotarians,
We are having a food fight!  Marc Horner and I decided to have a little friendly competition and raise food, money and awareness for the food pantries of North Missouri.  Attached are:
1-The 2018 Rotary Food Fight Flyer- please note that your club will receive 1 point for a pound of food, 4 points for each dollar donated and 10 points for each hour of service in a food pantry.  Since we are a service club, we thought the most points should go to the service aspect of this challenge.
2-The 2018 Food Fight Teams---see which team your clubs is on and develop a plan now.
3-The Food Pantry list in North Missouri by County.  If you have a place in your community that you'd like to serve and it isn't on this list, please contact Chad Higdon and see if it can be added.
We have decided to go back to July 1 and count any donations from the beginning of our year and up to October 19th in this contest.  And, I want it known that I am being a good sport here because I know the Independence club made a $1,000 donation in July to a Food Bank and they are on Marc Horner's team!  So team McCoy, we are going to have to get moving!
All you need is some documentation for each of these categories to send to Chad Higdon who can be reached at 816-261-6888 or on or before October 19th.  We hope to announce the winners at the District Conference on October 26th.
Thanks in advance for all you do for are my inspiration!
Julie McCoy
District Governor 2018-19