Posted by Frances Reddis on Nov 19, 2019
The Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club has adopted two families with children at Gordon Parks Elementary School, a Charter Elementary school at 3715 Wyoming, Kansas City, Missouri. Click on the whole story for suggested gift items.
This Friday will be the last meeting where money will be collected so that shopping can be done and the presents wrapped hopefully before December 5th I have already purchased two winter coats for the first family and winter coats for the girls in the second family.  If you would like to help with the purchasing, please contact Frances Reddis at or 816-853-3256.  We also plan on having a gift wrapping session at a place and time yet to be determined.
 (Gordon Parks Elementary School Adopted families-- continued....)
One family has a single parent and two children:  one girl age 6 in Kindergarten, and her one-year old sister.  This family needs winter clothes for the girls, and cleaning products, towels, toilet paper, and hygiene products for the family.  The six-year old girl loves JoJo Silva and Barbie.  She also loves to color and do arts and crafts.  Her mother says she is very artistic and loves learning activities.  Her favorite color is pink.  The one-year old girl loves baby shark and baby dolls.  She would also like things for her dolls such as a stroller, high chair, baby bottles, etc.  She also loves things that will sing and talk to her.  She has severe excema and could use wipers, aquaphor, or Vaseline.  The family has requested gift cards from Aldi or Walmart.
The second family has a single parent and four children:  two boys, ages three and six, and two girls, ages ten and 13.  The three older children need coats and all have asked for various clothing.  The three-year old loves the Hulk and would like Legos, Hulk toys and books.  The six-year old loves Spiderman and his “wish list” includes a remote controlled car, a Spiderman toy, and a Spiderman movie.  The ten-year old girl loves listening to music and singing.  She would like a slime kit, dolls, and a game for a Playstation 4.  The 13-year old girl loves art and music.  She would like a sketchbook, a game for an Xbox One, and a Chapter Book.  The parent has listed the following needs for the family:  pots and pans, a skillet, an electric heater and a television.  The family has requested a gift card from Price Chopper.