Posted by Roger Samuel
A few weeks ago at a club meeting, a comment was made, partially in jest but one I took seriously, that our whisky club is "exclusive," and that you have to be invited by me to be able to attend.  So, I thought a bit of enlightenment and a history of the club was in order.
In the fall of 2007, not too long after I joined the club, I used the 3-minute speech as my opportunity to see if there was interest in getting together periodically to drink some single malt whiskys.  Our first meeting was in October of that year with about ten or so Rotarians participating.  The business model is quite simple:  we get together every six weeks or so at someone's home (and that someone provides a meal); those drinking whisky contribute $20 to the cause, allowing me to procure our whiskies for the evening and maintain a treasury for future purchases; I procure typically three whiskies for our drinking pleasure and prepare tasting notes accordingly; and everyone has a good time.
Since our humble beginnings almost 12 years ago, our group has grown substantially (45 of you are now on the distribution list and our average attendance is roughly 20); our samplings have expanded well beyond single malt scotch and now include bourbon, rye and tequila tastings, and even a gin and rum tasting along the way; and friendships first forged through Rotary have grown much stronger over a dram or two. Through the generosity of our members along with extra funds in our treasury, we've been able to donate one or two (and last year, three) whisky baskets to the annual District Foundation Dinner silent auction.  
I want to emphasize that ALL Plaza Rotarians are welcome to attend a tasting.  To be honest, my only concern in growing the group too large is the pressure it puts on the host to accommodate too large a group, so I ask, if you attend, please plan to participate in the whisky tasting.  Twelve years later, we still charge only $20.  
Our next tasting is August 8th at the home of Frances Reddis.  This would be a great one to try for the first time as Frances has a large home and a beautiful pool, and plans to conduct all the evening's events poolside.  Please let me know if you'd like to attend or have any questions by contacting me at roger.runner@gmail.comor 810 241-9649.